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I became a mother at 19 so you can imagine the bumpy road of being a parent so young.  Another son at 22, and my daughter at 28.  Each brought challenges and joys like no other. As we prepare to celebrate this holiday season, and my December 23rd birthday,  I reflect on the amazing personal transformation that has happened as a result of my becoming a Mother to three wonderful young adults, and ultimately,  a Grandmother to four precious little people.

 As  ‘Nonnie’ and GlamMom’ (a feminist, activist, revolutionary Grandmother), I am grateful for the gifts my grandchildren give me….. a deeper self-knowledge, an ability to be mindful–fully in the present moment—an ability to truly ‘play’ with freedom and abandonment,  to listen with a lazar-like focus, and to love with an intensity of ‘falling in love.’  My hope is that my gift to them is unconditional love, support to find their own voices, to celebrate their successes and challenges as opportunities for growth, and to embrace the values of compassion, inclusion, activism, and kindness. 

At this time of year and beyond, my focus circles ‘inward’ on my four precious little people, my cherished family and friends,  and my ‘outward’ focus includes a heightened, critical activism to protect this beautiful spaceship earth, to prevent the ease that people can buy guns, to build awareness of  the threat of terriorism due to the inequality of opportunities, and to celebrate diversity and to build equality for our world!  Activism has never been more important for as we shower love on family and friends this holiday season, so must we speak out for social injustice to make a better world for all of us.



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