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On November 2, 2013, we gathered at an old, Pennsylvania farmhouse to celebrate my husband’s 70th year on the planet.  The theme of the celebration was ‘around the world’ because Don’s life has been filled with travel, diverse cultures, daunting challenges, and unique, transforming life experiences. He was born in San Diego, CA, lived for many years in Los Angeles where his father was a professor at USC. During this time, his family spent summers in Hawaii. When he was 12, he lived for two years in South Korea with his family; his Dad was a diplomat or so we think.  Berkeley in the 60s,  marching for Civil Rights, Farmers’ Rights, women’s rights, People’s Park, teargas, peaceful riots, and listening to Janis Joplin sing her heart out at the student union on Saturday nights.

Don’s West Coast life ended when he met me in Philadelphia at Interstate Oil Transport Company.  I was a secretary, and Don was a tug dispatcher.   We started ‘making music’ together that resulted in buying a gracious, charming farmhouse in Pennsylvania and getting married there on the hillside. My sons, ages 3 and 5, handed out daisies to our guests who surrounded us in a circle.  Jessica completed our family in November, 1977, along with many cats, dogs, and horses (most were rescues).  When the children grew up, we settled in Annapolis, living aboard ‘Sofia 1’, a 34-foot Tartan for 2.5 years, then moved to a lumbering, larger, Sofia 2, at 43 feet.  It’s been quite a journey!  

As for the birthday party, it was a mixture of family and friends from the past and the present.  An ‘odd coalition’, my ex and his wife, and my divorce attorney whom I have known for more than 37 years.   Our beloved children always bring us joy, their partners ‘buried their differences’ to come together to celebrate Don/Poppi’s glorious 70th.   Our four grandchildren, who represent the future, filled the place with joy and giggles.  We frantically took as many pictures as we could to mark this event in our memories forever.

The adventure continues as we become more like ‘new yorkers’ living in the Upper West Side and enjoying Central Park, the diverse cultures, art, film, and lectures. 

Stay tuned for the next adventure…I hear there is a boat in our future!


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