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Going from a 1200 square foot condo in Annapolis to a 412 square foot co-op in New York City’s Upper West Side has its advantages. We hear often about the need to ‘let go’ …..our regrets, our disappointments, our anger. And, letting go of ‘stuff’ that we hold on to in order to feel complete. A tiny place demands organization, maximizing the use of space, and letting go of unnecessary things. Living in our tiny Manhattan co-op requires discipline and vigilance in order to not let things accumulate.

The process of letting go demands a clarification of values, deciding what we hold dear, every picture, every CD, every book is carefully and consciously chosen. The result is a place filled with precious possessions that totally delight. In fact, if it doesn’t absolutely delight, it is gone (recycled and/or given to Goodwill).

This lesson is one that I challenge you to take on for yourselves. It is freeing, life-affirming, renewing. The power of ‘letting go’…give it a try!

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