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Two months ago, we moved from a 1200 square foot condo in Annapolis to a 412 square foot co-op in Manhattan.  In addition to our 412 precious square feet of space, our ‘land yacht’ has a lovely south-facing terrace that gives us the feeling of living in a tree house.  The location of our ‘land yacht’ is at 81st and Columbus, close to Central Park and the Museum of National History.  We feel blessed to have this opportunity to live and work in the Big Apple.   As a Leadership Coach, who challenges and supports change and growth in executives, I am acutely aware of my own process of change and adaptation and am definitely ‘walking the walk.’  As I market to new clients to build my New York business, connect with ‘New Yorker’ friends, identify causes to channel my activism, I revisit and adjust my own self-development plan and integrate new, innovative practices that move me way beyond a reasonable comfort plan.  Join me in that journey…it is invigorating, frightening, challenging, and enlightening!


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