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It is five years since we lost our dear friends, Cher and John. Cher was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, despite never smoking, having no family history, keeping up with all mammograms, and eating healthy. After a valiant 15-month battle, she was gone!  What made this day more tragic, unbelievably crushing was the loss of her husband, John on the same day.  They were both 53 years old!

Cher was in hospice home care, being kept comfortable and calm. When I called her name, despite the fog of a semi-coma, she tried hard to open her eyes. She knew I was there; it was a moment I will never forget.  Her room was filled with beautiful flowers, candles, prayer flags, beautiful white linens…everything to create a haven of peace and tranquility for her journey home.

Cher passed at 2:45 am on Good Friday; she also was born at 2:45 am.  Don and I arrived about 8:00 am and asked about John.  We were told he was sleeping and after a 6 day  24 hour vigil, we did not question he need for rest.  We visited with our Cher and gazed at her beautiful face. We hugged her daughters, Kira, 22 and Jameliah, 29 and cried together. Then, someone said they could not rouse John. Panic began to rise, as the emergency medics were called to the farm. They tried everything to revive him. So, right next to the beautiful, white, calm room of peace, there was a room filled with panic, medical equipment, and screaming daughters.

We followed John to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. We believe he medicated himself to ease his pain, and somehow may have mixed toxic ingredients that led to his demise.   Some thought perhaps he could not live without Cher, but we believe it was an accident.  We know he would not leave his daughters.  We will never know the truth.

Losing two beloved friends on Good Friday….and like the Russian fairytale…..they died one the same day.  

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